And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall. Malachi 4:2

Cows Gotta Do What a Cows Gotta Do

Cow Rescue

Strange things can happen when a cow is in heat. Barnyard Search & Rescue team is called to assist a distressed heifer. Nancy,the cow, fell into her feed trough and was unable to get out. The BS&R team quickly helped her out of the embarrassing situation.

Udder Problems

#42 had her calf 3 days ago. The heifer wouldn't suck on the back teets. So those quarters became engorged making it even harder for the calf to suck. We brought her up to a chute, put canulas in the teets to drain them. We collected some milk in baggies to freeze. The barn cats got an unexpected treat too. After the udders drained for awhile, we moved the pair into a barn stall. The cow ate some oats while we helped the calf discover two more spicketts. Hopefully she will find them on her own from now on. Cow and calf will remain in the barn 'til the heifer becomes a competent sucker.

Working with the hiefers for NAILE

Kids are work with the heifers, setting them up and walking them. Leaving for Louisville this week.

Getting Ready for NAILE

North American International Livestock Exhibition

Theo Drives the Combine

State Fair Thru a Fisheye

These pictures and videos were taken with a fisheye lens at our state fair. Theo won Champion Percentage Simmental Cow/calf with Milkshake and Rocky Road. Z's bull, Master Chief, was division champion. We have friends who have the Belgian draft horses in the video. They showed at the Colesium. Nice weather at the fair but glad to be home after 5 days.

County Fair Video

The kids are showing their heifers and steers at the county fair. Bella won Champion Heifer and Champion Simmental Steer. Then they had the steer auction.

Champion at the County Fair

Bella won Champion 4H Heifer and Champion Simmental Heifer in the Jr & Open Show at the Menard County Fair. She also won champion Simmental steer in the 4H. We did'n't show the steers in the open because they were so hot. Theo won Reserve Champion Heifer with HP. And Z won champion bull with Master Chief. I forgot my camera so I am waiting on pictures from some friends.  We will be moving into the State Fair next week.

Bull Before the Fair

Z is clipping his bull's, Master Chief, hair to cool him off and to look better at the show.

Winning at the Regional Cattle Show

North Central Regional Simmental Junior Show Kids took their three heifers to the cattle show. Bella won Res.Champion % Bred & Owned and 5th over all with Elvira. And 3rd Overall purebred Bred & Owned with Tempest. Theo won his class with HP.

First Cattle Show of Summer

Z is showing Miss Red. Bella is showing Tempest. Theo has HP then Cleopatra.  They all did surprising well. Kids and cattle. Heavy rain all afternoon.

Farm Kids & Tractors

Z is hauling cattle manure that has piled up over the winter onto a corn stalk field before it is planted to soy beans. Using a John Deere loader tractor and a CaseIH on the spreader.

Wordless Wednesday: Sugar the Cow

Shoulda Been a Dairy Cow

We are draining Buttercup's udder with canulas. She is producing too much milk for her calf to drink. She won't let the calf nurse on the back teats because they are swollen and sore. Every morning we'll do this 'til the calf takes over.

Farm Kid Collection

Various short videos of typical activities on a cattle farm. artificial insemination, leading heifers, trimming bulls, moving cattle, three kids and a cute dog

Running of the Cows

This week we let some cows and calves out of their winter lot into a section of pasture. They were a little excited. Dad is running a harrow behind the little loader tractor. It breaks up the manure piles & dead grass clumps. Set to rock music. Yeah, baby!

Showing at the Beef Expo

Z is showing his bull, Spartacus, in the parade before the sale. Bella is showing her Feb. heifer, Tempest.

Bull Sale at Beef Expo

We took a couple of bulls to the Beef Expo. Theo's bull, John Connor, was a mature bull, ready to work. He was jumpy in the set up area. But in the sale ring he calmed down and chewed his cud. Go figure. The buyers were a nice couple that live not too far away.

Want to hear something neat

Shhhhh. Listen. But don't get too close.

Let's just say our cows are tame.
Why does a cow chew her cud. The hay cows eat is hard to digest. They regurgitate it to break it down more by chewing it again.